So what is the success factor behind every successful business

Success Factor Talent Lifecycle

Success Factor Ltd have worked with “Blue Chip PLC’s and SME’s, for over 30 years, helping them to develop their talent pool.  We recognise that owners and managers are constantly striving to get the best from their people and so we provide easy to use tools and interventions that help you to make a positive tangible difference to your people, which in turn improves the experience that your customers receive. Every organisation must take regard of how to create an environment that engages its people & makes them feel part of the organisation.

Engagement the elusive success factor

Engagement does not happen by chance, it is created by careful planning and regard for peoples feelings, motivators, behaviours & competencies (what we call their talents) and starts as soon as the recruitment process proceeds. You are unlikely to recruit a talented person unless you can create the right impression.  Our Talent Life-cycle model explains the process that should be in place.

This is what we call a joined up approach to ensure your people deliver their best, not just for your business but for their own self esteem. The Talent Life-cycle describe the success factors required to create an engaged team.

Surely the challenge today is to recruit, induct, engage and develop talent so that you can ensure your business is creating a value adding experience. Success Factor can assist you to create this experience.


The Application of Science

Find out how how you can use the most advanced selection tools to assist you to match the talent you need to the job in hand. Simple to use and cost effective for both internal and external applicants. Increase your people success rate by the application of science.


Development From Within

Want some training? look elsewhere!

If you want long lasting development that changes peoples attitudes & beliefs, releasing creativity and enthusiasm then we can help especially with customer service or sales teams. 


The Engagement Culture

The key to  traction of any programme is to constantly talk the language required for engagement.  Using our tools you will be able to constantly positively challenge your people to be their best, and not creatively avoid areas they do not wish to focus on.